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Seaboard Assists in Chilean Miner Rescue
October 14, 2010

October 14, 2010. Most of the world anxiously watched yesterday as 33 Chilean miners were finally freed from having been trapped more than 2,000 feet below the surface for 70 days. Their remarkable story brought smiles and tears to people across the globe.

Also sharing the joy were the offices of Maritima Valparaiso, the long-time agents of Seaboard Marine in Chile. Seaboard has carried various types of cargoes to the San Jose mine site using normal containers, open tops and flatracks. This Seaboard cargo-carrying equipment was used by the rescuers as they developed and constructed their boring shafts and customized red, white and blue metal capsule.

Seaboard’s participation was proudly displayed in photos shown in newspapers and websites throughout the world as 4" wide yellow straps, imprinted with “Seaboard Marine”, were used to help fasten and secure the infamous Fenix-2 rescue capsule during its practice runs. Such straps are normally used to secure and tie-down cargo pieces, such as mining and drilling equipment, to flatracks and flatbeds.

All of the employees of Seaboard Marine congratulate the courageous rescuers and miners for their inspirational efforts and joyous homecoming.