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Port Gates Blocked in Guatemala
August 03, 2010

August 3, 2010. The principal ports in Guatemala remain blocked today due to a strike involving workers protesting changes in local Customs requirements. These workers have blockaded the entrance and exit gates so that cargoes are unable to enter or leave the main ports of Santo Tomas and Puerto Barrios. Seaboard’s vessels remain on schedule and continue to dock and discharge cargoes normally but we, along with other shipping lines, are unable to truck these containers outside of the port. This is also impacting Guatemalan (as well as El Salvador) exports as local Custom officials are not able to process normal transactions.


We apologize for these delays and are hopeful that Guatemalan authorities will soon reach a resolution.  If you should have any questions, we request that our customers contact their Seaboard Marine sales representative or our offices in Miami or Guatemala City.