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Chile Offices Open After Earthquake
March 02, 2010

Southern Chile was struck with a devastating 8.8 earthquake on February 27, 2010. Fortunately, all of the employees of Seaboard Marine’s long-time agent in Chile, Maritima Valparaiso, survived. All of Maritima Valparaiso’s offices in Chile opened yesterday and are operating, more or less, normally except for the Talcahuano office which is closed since the building it occupies has structural damages.


Seaboard Marine’s vessels will continue to operate in their normal rotation. The ports of Arica and Antofagasta, which are regularly called, situated on the northern coast of Chile report no damages. Seaboard Marine’s largest port, Valparaiso, which is close to Santiago, the nation’s capital, reports some damages but has three berths open and is handling vessels today. Seaboard Marine’s next vessel, the M/V Seaboard Reliance V-24, will discharge and load cargoes at Valparaiso on Thursday, March 4.


Chile’s largest port, San Antonio, is located approximately 75 kilometers south of Valparaiso and the damages there were much more severe than Valparaiso and it is our understanding that it will be closed for at least four days with some berths in San Antonio closed indefinitely. As a result, we are expecting congestion in Valparaiso later this week and next week as ships scheduled to call in central and southern Chilean ports such as San Antonio, Talcahuano and San Vicente will be deviated to Valparaiso. We are uncertain how this will impact our vessel and cargo operations. Further, roads to southern Chile are blocked in many places so inland transportation to and from destinations south of Valparaiso and Santiago are difficult.


We appreciate the concern shown for our colleagues in Chile and are grateful for their health. Seaboard extends its condolences to our friends in Chile that suffered losses due to this horrible tragedy.