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M/V Seaboard Intrepid at Port of Miami
January 28, 2010

January 28, 2009 afternoon update. The M/V Seaboard Intrepid (“Intrepid”) experienced a weather event south of Key West, Florida on January 25, 2010 while en route to Honduras. The conditions caused certain cargo to shift and approximately thirty containers went overboard. Seaboard’s salvage crews have since attended to the lost containers, most of which were empty. None of the full containers contained any hazardous materials. No crew members were injured.


The Intrepid, a 544-foot container vessel, returned to the Port of Miami Tuesday night and safely berthed yesterday. Damages to the vessel itself appear minimal. Unloading operations are ongoing but we are uncertain as to the timing of the complete vessel discharge. We are cautiously proceeding under the supervision of the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG).


Once these containers are released by the USCG, Seaboard Marine has arranged for additional vessels to expeditiously carry these cargoes that were on-board the Intrepid to their original destination in Central America. For any customers that wish otherwise, please immediately contact Seaboard Marine’s traffic department at 305.863.4408.


Seaboard Marine appreciates the support and patience of its customers and apologizes for any inconvenience that has resulted due to this unfortunate incident.