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Miami TWIC Deadline is January 13, 2009
December 08, 2008

The Port of Miami today reconfirmed that the U.S. Coast Guard intends to enforce the Transportations Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) compliance date of January 13, 2009. This applies to owners and operators of facilities within Coast Guard Port Zones including Miami and New Orleans. Drivers must possess a TWIC card to enter these ports after that date.


TWIC deadline dates vary across the country. For example, seaports used by Seaboard Marine such as Brooklyn, NY and Houston have compliance dates in March, 2009.


Over ninety percent of Seaboard Marine’s employees who need a TWIC have already enrolled and obtained their TWIC card. This process can take several weeks.


The Marine Transportation Security Act of 2002 (MTSA) requires that port facility owners and operators are responsible for notifying employees and visitors, such as truck drivers, of their responsibilities for securing their own TWIC card.


Seaboard Marine encourages all of its valued customers and drivers who visit our U.S. waterfront facilities to enroll as soon as possible. One can pre-enroll for their TWIC online at www.tsa.gov/twic. Pre-enrollment speeds up the process by allowing workers to provide biographic information and to schedule a time to complete the application process in person. The Port of Miami has an enrollment center adjacent to its main administrative building.


Customers and drivers should be aware that the State of Florida (which includes the Ports of Miami and Fernandina Beach) still requires a separate seaport I.D., issued by the individual port, in addition to a TWIC card.