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Paloma Spares Grand Cayman
November 08, 2008

November 8, 2008. 4:00p EST Final Update. Seaboard's Georgetown, Grand Cayman office will reopen on Tuesday, November 11 after being closed on November 7 due to Hurricane Paloma.

Paloma has passed the Cayman islands and is now making landfall in southern Cuba. The Cayman government has given an "all clear" this afternoon for Grand Cayman and has reported that there is no major damage on Grand Cayman. Local officials report that the eye of Paloma passed east of Grand Cayman although the island experienced hurricane force winds and persistent rain for at least ten hours last night and this morning. Unfortunately, it appears that Cayman Brac has substantial damages as the eye passed directly over the small island early this morning.
Please note that our Georgetown office was scheduled to be closed on Monday, November 10, 2008 due to a national holiday. However, Seaboard's Georgetown office has a skeleton crew at our facilities this afternoon completing bills of lading and concluding discharge guides.

Initial reports indicate that the port suffered no substantial damages. Seaboard intends to discharge and load the M/V Jan Caribe on Sunday afternoon and evening.

Seaboard appreciates the patience and support of our customers during the 2008 Hurricane Season.