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Important Hurricane Ike Notification
September 17, 2008

Dear Valued Customer:

Seaboard Marine's Houston terminal, Jacintoport, re-opened September 15 after the passing of Hurricane Ike. Certain areas of the terminal, including a warehouse near the dock, were affected by water resulting from the Hurricane. Jacintoport personnel are currently in the process of re-organizing cargo in the terminal facilities to better allow for inspection of potentially affected cargo.

Please accept this notice that your cargo MAY have been affected by the Hurricane. Jacintoport personnel will not open shipper sealed export containers which remained on the terminal during the Hurricane to inspect the cargo inside for possible damage. Jacintoport will not release your cargo until you make arrangements to inspect the cargo. Cargo interests will be permitted to begin inspecting cargo(es) today, but by appointment only.

Please contact Ms. Ingrid Velez at 305-530-2118 to obtain an inspection date and time. When scheduling an appointment, please be prepared to provide the names of the representative(s) who will conduct the inspection, the booking numbers of the cargo, the general cargo description, and confirm on whose behalf the survey will be conducted. It will be necessary for cargo interests to coordinate among themselves for a single inspection date and time for cargoes involving multiple interests. Please be advised that Jacintoport shall permit cargo to be inspected only once. Seaboard Marine expects to resume ship calls to Jacintoport on September 18, 2008. If we do not hear from you/cargo interests by September 26, 2008, Seaboard will assume no inspection of the potentially affected cargo is desired and it will be released for export/transportation.

Please be advised that Seaboard Marine and Jacintoport deny any liability whatsoever for any damages related to Hurricane Ike or any natural disaster, including but not limited to damage to cargo. Moreover, Seaboard Marine and Jacintoport shall not be liable for cargo shipped without inspection. Please be aware normal handling and storage charges for all goods/cargo remain in effect.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.