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Houston Fully Open After Hurricane Ike
September 19, 2008

5:30 a.m. CDT (Final update) Seaboard Marine's Houston terminal, Jacintoport, and offices re-opened Monday, September 15. They had been closed for four days due to Hurricane Ike.

We have resumed dispatching operations and are able to receive cargoes, both containers and breakbulk. We began receiving and discharging railcars two days ago as the PTRA has resumed operations.

Although not fully staffed, both Seaboard Marine and Jacintoport have employees on-location in every department.

Port officials closed the Houston Ship Channel ("Channel") to inbound vessel traffic last week and all outbound ships were forced to leave before Ike landed. Although limited to daylight-only restrictions, the Channel re-opened this morning as Port officials and the U.S. Coast Guard completed safety assessments and navigational aids were secured. Seaboard Marine resumed vessel operations last night by discharging the M/V CEC Mirage and the M/V Federal Pendant.

Damage assessment teams were at the Jacintoport facility Sunday beginning clean-up which has since largely been completed. Initial assessments indicate that there are a few damaged areas throughout the terminal but most are minor. The terminal is secure and security systems (i.e. guardhouses, fences, etc.) are working and in place. The Coast Guard has affirmed that Jacintoport is in compliance with its Facility Security Plan.

There were some damages to a small percentage of the cargo held in the terminal due to a storm surge near the dock. Please see the "Important Hurricane Ike Notification" item that is also on this website for survey procedures for cargo that was potentially damaged.

Electrical outages are widespread in the Houston area but the Seaboard facility has power and all phone lines and computer systems are now working although phone service is sporadic. We encourage customers to call their Houston-based customer service, traffic and dispatch representatives at 713-821-7400. If unable to connect, we suggest that you call our Miami office at 305-863-4444.

Seaboard appreciates the patience and support of its customers during the 2008 hurricane season.