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New Orleans Reopens After Gustav
September 08, 2008

6:30 a.m. CDT (Final update) -  Our New Orleans office and cargo facilites will be open today, September 8  as Seaboard employees slowly returned to New Orleans late last week.

New Orleans residents and visitors evacuated the city over a week ago due to Hurricane Gustav. Many sections of the city were without electricity making it difficult for the population, including employees of Seaboard Marine and our valued vendors and partners, to return to the city.  All of them have now been able to do so. An initial assessment shows only minor damages to our facilities in New Orleans due to Gustav's winds and surge.

Due to closure of the Mississippi River and lack of labor availability in New Orleans, the Westerhaven's (Voyage 58N) import cargoes from Central America were discharged  last week in Houston rather than New Orleans. Due to this force majeure event, customers will be responsible for the additional costs of delivering their import cargoes from Seaboard’s Houston terminal.

Seaboard will not be responsible for possible damages for previously discharged import cargoes that were not picked up before Gustav's passing at Seaboard's terminal facility, Ports America, in New Orleans.

The Port of New Orleans reopened for vessel traffic over the weekend.  The M/V Seaboard Pride that sailed northbound from Central America last week is discharging its cargoes today.