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Seaboard Marine Outfitted with Autoload®-SPS
June 09, 2008

Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) of Vancouver, Canada and Seaboard Marine are pleased to have reached an agreement for the delivery of the Autoload-SPS (ship planning system). The roll-out of Autoload -SPS will be phased in over the next year with 40 ships and all Seaboard offices being outfitted with this innovative software tool for ship planners.

The Autoload-SPS program features user-friendly graphical interface. Each vessel will be defined with exact layout of cargo compartments and configuration of container slots, providing direct communication between Seaboard’s information system (booking list) and Autoload-SPS in an electronic data interchange format (EDI). The benefit of EDI is that no one piece of cargo will be overlooked or misplaced during the stowage planning, and cargo will be traced throughout the supply chain

Autoload-SPS renders a graphical representation of the stowage plan and cargo units, plus the ability to stow cargo and move it within compartments with simple drag and drop function. The program automates control over cargo space utilization, possible stowage conflicts throughout the entire voyage, as well as ship’s stability parameters. It also monitors local strength limits, dangerous cargo segregation, and other rules and limitations. Thus, Seaboard’s staff will be free from tedious calculations and checks allowing for concentration on the efficiency of overall stowage plan. Autoload-SPS will bring transparency to the cargo stowage planning process throughout the entire Seaboard Marine operation.

Autoship Systems Corporation is a marine software developer of load planning software, loading instrument software and integrated CAD/CAM programs. For more information please visit www.autoship.com or email autoload@autoship.com.