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Nicaraguan Truckers Strike Over
May 17, 2008

 May 17, 2008 (1:00 p.m. EDT Update).
Truckers in Nicaragua ended a 12-day nationwide strike this morning. Due to concerns over safety and security, Seaboard Marine and other shipping lines had been unable to provide trucking services since May 5.

All full containers in the Managua vicinity are being immediately picked up this afternoon and are being trucked to Puerto Cortes, Honduras to be loaded on Seaboard vessels. Operations are gradually returning to normal.

Although the strike has ended this weekend, trucking companies are requesting a meeting next week with various businesses in the private sector to seek increased trucking rates as the cost of diesel is now more than US$ 5.20 per gallon in Nicaragua.

We appreciate the support and understanding of our customers over the past two weeks. Seaboard Marine's office in Managua is open and can answer questions and inquiries of our customers.