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Bunker Increases to Central America and Dominican Republic
October 16, 2007

Seaboard Marine wishes to advise the trade that we will be adjusting our bunker filings effective November 4, 2007. The adjustment is due to the continued increased costs associated with the purchase of fuel and will be applicable on all shipments to/from the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama. This increase will apply to the open tariff rates and service contracts, both dry and reefer.

The Bunker Surcharge / Emergency Bunker Surcharge / Fuel Recovery Charge will be increased by the following:

20’ equipment (all types) $ 25.00
40’ equipment (all types) $ 50.00
45’ equipment (all types) $ 65.00
LCL and Breakbulk Cargoes $ 2.00 W/M

For the Dominican Republic, the US Inland / Intermodal Fuel Surcharge will be increased by $15 per zone with the exception of Zone 1 for South Florida.