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Delays Clearing from Hurricane Noel
November 02, 2007

November 2, 2007 - (9:00 a.m. EDT Final Update) 
The Central and Northwestern Bahamas are no longer under a Hurricane Warning. As a result, our Nassau office and terminal, which have been closed since mid-day Tuesday, have reopened today. We will resume sailings of the Seaboard Spirit between Miami and Nassau today after cancelling voyages on Monday and Wednesday.

Currently all of Seaboard’s Florida operations, including the Port of Miami, are operating normally. Many ships had been delayed in departing or reaching Miami earlier this week due to strong swells north of Cuba and the straits of Florida but we expect to have all vessels back to normal schedule by the end of the weekend.

Our offices in Rio Haina and Santiago, Dominican Republic and Port-au-Prince, Haiti reopened Tuesday. The ports of Boca Chica and Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic and Port-au-Prince have also re-opened. The port of Rio Haina's navigational channel is open but only during daylight hours. However, the Port of Rio Haina has fully reopened the terminal and has normal gate activity and we were thus able to load and discharge one vessel yesterday and another this morning. Fortunately, local Seaboard officials report no major damages to company facilities in Haiti, the Dominican Republic or the Bahamas.

We appreciate the support and patience of our customers during this Hurricane Season.