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Hurricane Felix Causes Only Minor Delays
September 05, 2007

September 5, 2007 (10:00 a.m. EDT Final Update). Other than temporary delays for vessels bound for Central America, the impact of Hurricane Felix has overall been small to Seaboard's schedules. Seaboard's vessel operations department is closely monitoring each of our various services and trying to safely resume normal schedules as soon as possible for those impacted by Felix. All of our offices in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Belize are open today as are the ports that Seaboard uses. Updates on various trade lanes include:

Caribbean Islands. All vessels are on schedule. No damages due to Felix were noted at any of the islands that Seaboard serves.

South America. All vessel rotations are normal and on schedule.

Miami-North Central America. The M/V Seaboard Express is delayed approximately one day awaiting for Felix to pass. The vessel will now call on Puerto Cortes, Honduras tomorrow afternoon, Thursday, September 6. The seaports of Puerto Cortes and Santo Tomas, Guatemala are open and functioning normally. Our Honduran staff reports there have been no damages to our offices or facilities.

Miami-South Central America. Vessels, both those northbound and southbound, are running about a half-day behind schedule due to the storm. They are passing safely to the east as Felix moved westward. We expect to be back on normal schedule by the end of the week.

Houston-North Central America. The M/V CEC Mermaid was to call on Belize yesterday but the port was closed. After holding a safe distance north of the storm's path waiting for the port to re-open, the vessel has resumed sailing towards the port. We expect to discharge this vessel this evening.

New Orleans-North Central America. The M/V Fortunia discharged and loaded in Santo Tomas Monday afternoon and did so yesterday morning in Puerto Cortes. It is currently sailing, on schedule, towards New Orleans.

We truly appreciate the patience and support of our customers during this hurricane season. At this time, we are not aware of any damages to company facilities or customer cargoes nor do we expect any. We are grateful that all of our employees in Nicaragua and Honduras have safely reported.