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Hurricane Dean Impact Minimal.
August 22, 2007

August 22, 2007 (1:00p.m. EDT. Final Update). The impact of Hurricane Dean to Seaboard Marine's operations and vessel itineraries has fortunately been modest. Although there are some minor delays to numerous vessel schedules, for the most part, we are have returned to normal operations with no reports of significant damages to cargo or equipment. Seaboard's vessel operations department is closely monitoring each of our offices and vessels. We are attempting to safely resume normal schedules as quickly as possible. Updates on various services include:

Antigua. Although brushed by Dean late last week, there were no damages and port operations and vessel rotations, although initally delayed, have returned to normal.

Dominican Republic. Vessel operations resumed Monday morning at the Port of Rio Haina after Dominican ports were closed over the weeekend. Two vessels were discharged and loaded on August 20. Local staff reports that despite high seas, there were no damages at any of our facilities. Vessel rotations have been accelerated and should be back to normal by the end of this week.

Haiti. Our local office has advised that our terminal in Port-au-Prince received no significant damages and normal terminal operations resumed Monday morning.

Jamaica. Our regular vessel calls scheduled for Monday in Kingston were delayed until Tuesday evening. Initial reports from our Kingston office indicate that damages are minimal and cosmetic at our office and terminal although time will be needed for "clean-up" and re-setting the cranes. Vessel operations for two ships resumed on Tuesday afternoon. Our office in Kingston was closed Monday but has since re-opened. There are, though, made roads in and around Kingston that are blocked due to fallen trees and local flooding. Further, much of Kingston is without electricity so local commerce will be slow to return to normal. The Montego Bay office and warehouse are again open and report only minimal damages with the Seaboard Voyager in port this afternoon.

Cayman. Georgetown was spared the harshest winds as the eye of Dean stayed well south of Grand Cayman. Our staff reported essentially no damages. The Seaboard-Cayman office was closed Monday but has re-opened. The delayed M/V Jan Caribe, which was scheduled to be in Georgetown on Sunday, began discharging cargoes this morning as swells finally subsided.

Mexico. The port of Altamira is closed today. It will likely re-open tomorrow afternoon and we intend to resume cargo loading operations of the M/V Seaboard Explorer II late Thursday. The vessel departed the port early yesterday morning and sailed north to calm waters.

Central America. A number of our vessels that pass through the Yucatan Channel from both the U.S. Gulf and Florida are delayed by 1-2 days awaiting as they had to await passage for the storm and its swells to pass. All ships are now sailing at full speed. At this time, we have no reports of storm damages at any of our port facilities in Central America. Our Belize office has reopened.

Fortunately, we believe all employees in all impacted countries are accounted for and safe. We anticipate having virtually all of our vessels, for all services, back on their regular rotations by the end of this week or early next week. We appreciate the patience and support of all of our customers.