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Norfolk Southern Intermodal Traffic Resumes Today
May 15, 2007

After closing on May 11, 2007 due to fires in south Georgia, the Norfolk Southern has announced that all of their intermodal terminal gates are now open and accepting traffic for Florida destinations. Trains are now running through the impacted areas and the Florida East Coast Railway trains and terminals, which connect with the Norfolk Southern, are operating normally. The prior embargo has been cancelled.

The Norfolk Southern is working closely with the US Forestry Commission concerning fire conditions in South Georgia and North Florida as these areas continue to burn.

Over the past few days, Seaboard Marine has been able to successfully re-route containers destined for the Norfolk Southern via truck or other railroads. However, this has caused some modest delays. The Norfolk Southern advises that due to the high number of inbound trains, they expect a 24-48 hour delay in grounding and loading of shipments.