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Seaboard Marine Public Tariff Enhancements
May 12, 2007

Seaboard Marine is constantly searching for new and innovative methods to ensure your complete satisfaction with our online tools. We are proud to introduce our latest software solution which provides a secure and reliable way to access our rate tariffs.

The "Rates & Tariff" tab above includes a User Guide that highlights and explains features such as:

  • Rate Search
  • Commodity Search
  • Rule Search
  • Inland Tariff
  • Contract List

With these features the general public can easily and accurately:

  • Obtain a complete list of all rate tariffs available at Seaboard Marine, and search by:
    • Origin and Destination
    • Commodities
  • Obtain a complete list of all Seaboard Marine's Commercial Rule Tariffs and search by:
    • Rule Name
    • Rule Text
    • Rule Number
  • Obtain a complete list of Inland rates, for both the Continental U.S. States and foreign locations, available in our Inland Tariff.
  • Obtain a list of Seaboard Marine's contracts, including essential terms such as:
    • Origin
    • Destinations
    • Commodities
    • MQC