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Seaboard Announces Upgraded Website
February 11, 2007

Seaboard Marine is pleased to announce a new release of our website with improved and new functionalities.

Seaboard’s customers have been able to conduct on-line business such as searching sailing schedules, booking and tracing shipments, and generating web reports for several years. Our customers asked for additional functionalities; and we listened. We have enhanced shipment bookings and tracing capabilities as well as added new features to make the on-line business experience efficient and easy to use.

The general public is able to

  • Learn about Seaboard Marine
  • Learn about employment opportunities and submit on-line application for employment
  • Search sailing schedules
  • Track specific containers

Registered customers will also be able to:

  • Create bookings via the website
  • View and manage information regarding current bookings (both created on line or created by Seaboard employees)
  • Manage dispatch instructions
  • View information regarding current bills of lading
  • Print a “proof” copy of the bill of lading
  • Track and trace containers and shipments
  • Generate web reports

More features will be added within the next few months. Seaboard encourages all customers to register and take advantage of these new services.